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Coping with Child loss

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

How do you begin to move forward after losing a child? Many people think you should move on as if you just buried a cousin, friend, or grandparent, even though those deaths hurt us just as much nothing compares to the empty space in your home and soul after losing a child. Many things change, the amount you prepare for dinner, buying school clothes, calling to cancel medical insurance, and so on. There is no sure fire way to start the coping process but having a great support system is a really great start. When I lost m son I had genuine friends and family that would show up early mornings with breakfast for my family, coming b during the day to say "it's okay to cry", and just to be there during the night when i couldn't sleep . I would always see that day play out in my dreams for years and sometimes it will still come back to haunt me. So cry if you have to

but call on those who allow you to hurt as long as you have to. Remember our lives have been changed forever and we didn't get to prepare for it! Love and Blessing to you all.