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Many people do not like to speak about death, but it is something we all must do and experience. The conversation scares many people because they are not prepared mentally nor financially. Here are some tips to make the conversation worth having.

End-of-life planning can be challenging, so remember to ask for permission to continue the conversation. It shows that you’re being sensitive and allows your loved one to say, “I’ve had enough.

“Make the conversation about values. It’s not about dying; it’s about how you want to live,”

Plan the discussion for a time when the family is winding down in the evening or perhaps over breakfast the following day.

Get with a therapist or Grief specialist to assist you with coping and understanding your emotions.

Make sure you have the adequate life insurance policies for your wishes.

Make sure that you have a Living Will and Power of Attorney for you and older family members.

These are only a few things that can prepare you for end of life unexpected or expected.