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The difference between grief and bereavement

The term bereavement be used to refer to the fact of the loss; the term grief should then be used to describe the emotional, cognitive, functional and behavioral responses to the death.


Bereavement involves the time period right after the loss and when mourning occurs. It is also know as the initial news or "that call" stating a loved one has passed. It is the time families get together and make arrangements and accept and acts of comfort.

What constitutes “normal” grief? There is no simple answer. Grief is different for every person and every loss, and it can be damaging to judge or label a person’s grief, especially during early bereavement. Grief is the emotions and the process of losing someone or something close to you. Grief can last many years or a lifetime, but most importantly is that you realize it is your Process and journey to take.

Remember to allow yourself to feel the emotions and work through them in all aspects of life.